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Tired of bright light creeping into your peripheral vision when you’re driving or carving the slopes? Looking for sunglasses that are just as durable as they are stylish? Our wrap-around sunglasses are fitted with scratch resistant polarized lenses, and because they curve around your eyes, they offer the ultimate in eye protection. We’re so confident in the durability of our men’s and women’s wrap around sunglasses that we offer lifetime warranties and hassle-free refunds.

With such a broad range of designs available, we’re bound to have wraparound shades that will enhance your style. Whether you need sport or everyday mirrored wrap around sunglasses, we’ve got you covered.

Protect Your Eyes with Sports Focused Polarized Wrap Around Sunglasses

As an outdoor enthusiast, you’re not afraid of obstacles, but there’s no need to let the sun be one of them thanks to our polarized wrap around sunglasses. UV400 rated, our wrap around polarized sunglasses can block virtually all the sun’s harmful UV rays from entering your eyes. Because the wrap around frames cover the entirety of your eyes, our large wrap around sunglasses offer more protection than standard-fit glasses and yet look no less stylish.

Wrap around sports sunglasses with polarized lenses aren’t just beneficial for your vision – they can help you unlock your full potential. Thanks to the latest lens technology utilized by the specialists at Humps Optics, bright light need never be a distraction again. As a result, you’ll be able to hit the most daring hiking and snow trails free from the fear of glare.

Our women’s and men’s wrap around sunglasses double up as the ultimate travel and sports companion. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist, fisher or waters sports enthusiast, you’ll want to take our dark wrap around sunglasses with you wherever you go. And you can feel confident our polarized wraparound sunglasses look just at home on the street, making them perfect for just about every purpose.

If you want to learn more about the technology behind polarized lenses, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll gladly let you know why our designer wrap around sunglasses are the perfect option for you.

Buy the Best Wrap Around Sunglasses to Enhance Your Personal Style

We believe that the best wrap around sunglasses should be more than just practical. We understand that when you’re exploring the mountains or enjoying a game of sport, you want men’s polarized wraparound sunglasses that look the part. From classical to ultra-contemporary, we have high quality yet cheap wrap around sunglasses in styles to suit all.

Want a pair of sunglasses with a feminine touch? Check out our range of ladies wrap around sunglasses. Our women’s sunglasses come in just about every color and design you can imagine. Need something a little more masculine? You can feel confident our men’s designer wraparound sunglasses look fierce in all environments.

If you’re unsure of whether wraparound sunglasses are right for you, you might want to take a quick look at some of our other styles and designs. Fishing sunglasses and ski goggles are just some of our most popular products. If you need help narrowing down your options or want to know which style is best suited to your sport, we’re only a phone call away.

Why Buy Wrap Around Sunglasses from Humps Optics?

We aim to be the leading manufacturer and provider of wrap around sunglasses for outdoor explorers. When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than making the most of the outdoors, provided you have indestructible sunglasses that look sharp and offer unbeatable eye protection. Just as importantly, you need wraparound sunglasses that are affordable and guarantee to last a lifetime.

Here’s why so many people turn to Humps Optics:

Polarized Wrap Around Sunglasses with Great Durability

When we say our black wrap around sunglasses are built to last, we mean it. Acetate frames ensure nothing will ever cause your sunglasses to bend or break. Scratch and impact resistant lenses mean your glasses will remain intact, no matter what you put them through. And, spring-loaded or fish-head hinges prevent scrapes and bumps from bending your wrap around sunglasses out of shape. The result – truly indestructible sunglasses that can survive for years or even decades. We offer lifetime warranties on all our wrap around polarized sunglasses, meaning you can rest assured that we deliver on our promises.

Great Value High Performance Mirrored Wraparound Sunglasses

What good are the best wrap-around sunglasses if they’re so expensive that they’re out of reach? At Humps Optics, we want to enable as many people as possible to get out and make the most of what the outdoors has to offer. That’s why we aim to be the best value manufacturer of mirrored wrap around sunglasses in the nation. Moreover, we offer free nationwide deliveries on all orders over $50. If there’s any opportunity to help our fellow adventurers save a few dollars, we’ll take it.

Every Pair of Wrap Around Sunglasses Sold Supports the One4One program

We genuinely care about helping people, especially those who may not be able to afford the wrap-around sunglasses they need to pick up a new sport or protect their eyes from the sun. That’s why, for every pair of wraparound sunglasses we sell, we donate a pair to a person in need. Buy polarized wrap around sunglasses from us, and you can help the world without lifting a finger.

Learn More about Humps Optics High Quality Mirrored Wraparound Sunglasses

We aim to be the leading manufacturer and provider of wrap around sunglasses for outdoor explorers. When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than making the most of the outdoors, provided you have indestructible sunglasses that look sharp and offer unbeatable eye protection. Just as importantly, you need wraparound sunglasses that are affordable and guarantee to last a lifetime.

The next time you need a pair of timelessly stylish, unbeatably tough, and technologically advanced wraparound sunglasses, look no further than Humps Optics. All our high quality wrap around sports sunglasses are designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, whether you like to navigate the urban jungle, relax under the sun on the beach, or take to the slopes. Moreover, we believe our mirrored wrap around sunglasses can’t be beaten on value. And we guarantee to have a design you’ll love. If you have any questions about the features of our men’s and women’s wrap around sunglasses, we hope to hear from you.



Wraparound sunglasses come in a broad range of styles, but they all usually feature a semi-circular frame shape with lenses that cover your entire eyes to protect your peripheral vision from the sun’s UV rays. Our wrap around sunglasses come in the standard two lens design and shield style.


Many people agree that wraparound sunglasses are the best option for those that need the ultimate in eye protection, such as outdoor sports enthusiasts and drivers. No other style of sunglasses prevents harmful UV rays from entering your eyes as effectively as wraparound sunglasses.


The primary advantage of wrap around sunglasses is that they prevent light from entering your eyes through the side of your glasses, where typical lenses don’t provide coverage. Our sunglasses are also advantageous because they feature polarized lenses, come in a range of styles, and are guaranteed for a lifetime.


Wraparound sunglasses that feature a semi-circle frame are perfect for outdoor sports players. Whether you’re a snowboarder, fisher or water sports enthusiast, you’ll benefit from wearing wrap around sunglasses that provide the ultimate in UV protection.

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