The Concept

Expensive sunglasses are a pain to deal with in real world conditions.  Cheap sunglasses are not comfortable and the lenses do not protect your eyes.  Thus the concept for humps... sunglasses was born:

"to create quality sunglasess that can handle whatever the real world throws at them, protect your eyes, and not burn a hole in your wallet."

The frame:  made of high density, mold, injected plastic which is both strong and light.

The hinges:  spring loaded which allows for the frame rails to bend outward, creating a comfortable fit on any size head.

The lenses:  impact approved, 100% UV 400 rated, polarized front & back, and dark tint protects your eyes against anything the sun throws at them.


humps... have been battled tested on the beaches of Nicaragua, on the mountains of British Columbia, and in the clubs of London to name a few..

..grab a pair today be fore the sun eats a hole in your eye!


Alex Humphries