Our Story Is Your Story – Our Passion Is Your Adventure

The spirit of humps... was inspired by our love for exploring the world and all its wonders.  From mountain peaks to urban jungles, from huge swells to calm lagoons, it was during these adventures that the concept for Humps Optics was born...

"polarized sunnies that can handle whatever the real world throws at them, protect your eyes, and not burn a hole in your wallet."   

We’ve all dealt with pricey sunglasses which create worry, or cheap sunglasses which hurt our eyes after any extended use. After intensive research we realized we could do better, we could be better, and that we could offer a better product to our family, friends, and to the rest of the world. So, we set out to create a classic pair of polarized sunnies that can keep up with our everchanging lives and at a price we wanted to pay.


Our inspiration has always come from the traditional adventurists who used basic and minimalistic equipment to conquer their goals.  We’re not trying to create the latest fashion trend but rather pay tribute to the classics of the past that will last into the future.  Our camel logo is a tribute to this lifestyle; boldly exploring – only stopping to refuel, recharge and reflect.


The Frame: made of high density, mold-injected plastic, which is both strong & light.

The Hinges: spring-loaded or 3-5-barrel fish head metal hinges allow for a sturdy design and comfortable fit on any size head.

The Lenses: impact approved - 100% UV400 Rated, and Polarized front to back. The dark tint will protect your eyes against anything the sun throws at them.


For less than a tank of gas you can get an awesome pair of sunnies from a socially conscious company. Did you know about 85% of the retail price for a typical pair of sunglasses goes toward companies’ marketing campaigns, and it’s directly passed onto the consumer. At humps... we felt this was just unfair.  Why pay $150 so a celebrity can look cool on a billboard? 


(Santa Monica, CA)
We are stoked to be based in sunny Santa Monica.  A bike ride to the beach and only 2 hours from the slopes. One of the few spots to satisfy our need for different adventures. 
Our Headquarters:
11571 Ohio Ave #1 Los Angeles, CA 90025 
Our Warehouse:
6175 S Sandhill Rd. #600 Las Vegas, NV 89120
(The driest state in the country to keep your sunnies fresh and ready) 
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