One 4 One

For every pair of humps.. sunglasses sold, we donate a pair of prescription reading glasses to someone in need around the world.

How would your lifestyle and livelihood be affected if your close-up vision was blurry and you couldn't get it corrected? This is the problem facing over a billion people today in developing countries worldwide.

Many people in developing countries make their living with their hands, doing tasks such as fishing, sewing, cooking or assembly line work. The loss of close-up vision can threaten their livelihood, and even their survival. At the very least, their quality of life is seriously compromised when they can't see well enough to cook, read or enjoy the expressions on a baby's face.

"27% of the population in less developed countries (that's approximately 1.3 billion people) suffer from deteriorating close-up vision and are at risk of losing their livelihood."

 It is our mission at humps... to provide prescription reading glasses to those in need around the world.  We have been achieving this goal with your help through our one-for-one campaign. 

We have partnered with to help in the distribution of our prescription reading glasses to those suffering with vision problems throughout the world.  Through Restoring Vision’s connections we are able to penetrate deep into the developing countries to reach those truly in need.  Together we can actually make a difference...